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This is the first post in the series that dives into the implementation details of the application. Are you interested in near zero-downtime reindexing? Then this one is for you!

Writing Hibernate queries using the Criteria API can be anything but intuitive and comes at the expense of wordiness. In this article, you will learn how the JPAStreamer Quarkus extension facilitates type-safe Hibernate queries without unnecessary complexity.

Hibernate ORM lets you generate or update the database schema. Let's explore when to use such option in combination with live coding.

In the 0.15.0 version of Quarkus, we introduced the Hibernate Search + Elasticsearch extension and, with 0.16.0, we added a guide and a quickstart explaining how to use it. If you want to index your Hibernate ORM entities in Elasticsearch and don’t mind updating your code from time to time, you’re very welcome to become an early adopter and provide feedback. What is Hibernate Search? This is an old time favorite of mine. Back in...