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Posts by Max Rydahl Andersen

Posts by Max Rydahl Andersen

Danish guy enjoying working on open source software. Making things happen at Red Hat as Distinguished Engineer. Currently works on Quarkus. Worked before as manager and technical lead of, JBoss Tools and Developer Studio. In past also involved in Hibernate, WildFly, Seam and more.


Quarkusのウェブサイトがリニューアルされ、コミュニティでの会話のためにGitHub discussions が有効化されました。

Quarkus Insights シーズン3スタート!

来週水曜日(6/2)は、皆様からの質問を元にQuarkus Insightsを行います。

Quarkus Insights Q&A

来週月曜日(21年2月8日)には、皆様からの質問をもとに、Quarkus Insightsを行います。

Quarkus Newsletter #9


In Java 15 *biased locking* is now disabled by default and is planned to be removed in the Java Virtual Machine as per JEP 374. We need your help seeing if it affects Quarkus performance in your application.

Quarkus Newsletter #8


Quarkus Newsletter #7


Latest Quarkus Insights updates.

Stéphane talks us through how to do Hibernate with Panache.