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Quarkus Insights on Youtube Live

Yesterday, Emmanuel Bernard and I kicked off Quarkus Insights #0: Inception. All based on this tweet where ~76% was up for us doing "something" in video/podcast’y style.

It is going to be recorded live as part of our existing QuarkusIO channel. To be notified when new shows are planned and when they go live Go Subscribe and hit the bell for notifications!

In the first episode we introduced the idea and concepts and took questions from the ~35 guests that made it in with short notice!

Thanks to Markus Eisele we will have transcripts for each episode - end of this blog has a transcript for episode #0.

It was super-fun and looking forward to do it again.


Our main format will be focused on a guest talking around a topic/area related to development or usage of Quarkus. We’ll also have some dedicated Q&A / StackOverflow episodes.

Next Episode

On Monday May 4th we will do the first one!

Quarkus Insights episode, #1: Tests with a guest appearance from Georgios Andrianakis.

We will talk about doing testing with Quarkus and especially cover the new mocking features in Quarkus 1.4.

To join current live show or see the next one scheduled bookmark this link:


Below is a transcription of the episode with timestamps giving a link to the approximate location in the video.

Kudos to Markus Eisele for making this happen!

Emmanuel: Ready, we’re doing this thing, "Okay yes, Quarkus inside number zero inception.

Hello and welcome everyone My name is Emmanuel. And I am part of the Quarkus Team. And I think last weekend we decided to do something crazy and I didn’t want to do it around actually somebody didn’t want to do it and therefore he made me the lead of that. And that’s Max. Hello Max. How are you?

Max: I sad, you should do it.

That’s my…​

Emmanuel: Exactly, and we’ve got a few people following got two Hellos from Jean Phillip and from Alton. That’s cool guys to give us a try.

Alright, so last week in what happen Max? You were bored I guess, and you wanted us to become YouTube stars, something like that, Max: yes, now we’ve done the JBoss Asylum in the past, which probably still we do and I did this live demo last Thursday, which both one-way went very well in other ways, went very horrible.

Yeah, what I liked the fact that we got comments while it was happening.

Yeah, and I thought, "Hey you, one of the things out do was to get more info out there and have you interaction and what things you wanna do is also having to do some stuff stuff and get it transcribed. So, we can search backwards, it’s on like an easy way to do what we did in the past but less overhead or of course it’s video. So I think in a…​ But to more overhead.

Emmanuel: So we’ve got fancy with running and everything. So we don’t know anything about YouTube as you could have seen. We failed a couple of times, but hey only 10 minutes delay so that’s not too bad, I guess.

So yes, so this is an experiment. We really hope that it will become a real thing, but what we want is to get people interested in to Quarkus. So if you know about Quarkus already, but want to know more like specific technology you are not aware of, or things like that. That will be the videocast know how that’s called "Podcast video cast, that’s for you.

We’re not quite sure what the format exactly will be, we know how we do JBoss Asylum as you’re saying, and we probably will try something like that. Somewhat similar.

What’s important is that for you as a user of the objective is to a] understand more and more of the technology b] see somewhat actual usage. So we will share the screen. Somebody will be typing in real life, what is being demoed so you can really see concretely how you would do it at home and be ready on using that your own app, right? And we might even do do something like life questions, answers. And speaking of Antonio was asking a very good question, Max why aren’t you wearing a Quarkus tshirt?

Max: Alright, two seconds…​

Emmanuel: Alright, make sure you put the tshirt back on before you…​ Before you go live.

Alright, so my is known as Superman for us.

Max: Yeah, it was a…​

Emmanuel: Hopefully you will, you know, like the T-shirt.

So we’ve got a few ideas of what we want to display as a technology we want to feature in that podcast as an initial set but that’s…​ If you have ideas, we’re definitely interested. So what would be the format the format, the way we envision it is starting with…​ Let me see who is the person interviewed explaining the technology in two minutes. So let’s say we’re going to talk about Quarkus Panache, sorry Hibernate with Panache so we would invite Stefan and we say, "Hey Stefan who are you; I’m Frensh doing Fromage stuff a blah, then explain the technology a couple of minutes, then some context into why it’s useful for somebody. So if you’re not interesting, the tech, then you can leave otherwise you stay.

And then we’d probably go a fairly concrete into…​ How does that work and then demo will be run, and then I would ask questions to play the stupid guy and I’m getting quite good at that.

Max: And you know, you don’t have to play.

Emmanuel: Yeah, and then I still like my salaries…​ okay, and hey, we got people from Algeria, from Greece, from Germany, from Brazil thanks guys, from France, of course.

So the idea is to get going and what’s important is that it will be people intimately knowledgeable about the technology. So we’re comfortable about talking about it and going on a tangent on the various questions, right?

And also, I think there would probably be another cover section, so we will go back into a video conversation and say, "Hey yeah, so how did you do Pancha, the magic behind it? Why is it on your Quarkus stuff and not something else, but yeah, yeah, and then more info and then lead to that and we’ll see that’s useful for people and we will grow about it. So what do you think about that format? People, it’s about it to a delay. And then let’s see what people are telling us.

Max: One of the things that I did over the weekend was, I think, was wondering, I did a Tweet saying, "Hey if we did something like this, Well, what kind of format do you wanna do?

And I’m surprised I got 50 answers, and in very short time, and I was like, "Most wanted one hour deep dives. The next one was like 20/30 minutes demo, and 10% wanted smaller…​ And then…​ we should just not do it.

So, I meet with…​ we’ll see who wins, but.

Emmanuel: So no feedback on the format from people here. But.

Max: Hey my name is Antonio and I have a bug, can you solve it?

Yeah, that’s…​

Emmanuel: Yeah, maybe that would be the Q&A section. Antonio, you would be banned from the asking questions, I suppose, so that would fix that problem. Okay, another who took part, is saying here. I’m really interested, 'cause I want to understand Quarkus under the hood that it’s a good idea to also explain how it works underneath. So we might get super deep like inviting Steward having conversations around how things are done. Or David, so that would be good. So I’ve got a bunch of subjects I’m thinking about at the moment.

So the first one is Mutiny, so it’s a new library we just introduced and why did we go on that new API to interact with the Reactive parts of Quarkus we could get Clement to discuss on that. There is a brand new command mode with probably more stuff coming up. So that’s also a subject we can definitely dive into so people understand how to do command mode. Can you add it to an existing Quarkus app…​ Where does that change stuff? And so on, I did mention Hibernat with Panache. I think there is a lot to discuss around that but Panache is not only about Hibernate it’s also about mongodb. So we could get Luic to discuss a bit about that. And also there is a bunch of technology you’re using inside Quarkus that you probably are not super expert about…​ So micro-profile open API Microprofile config is super enough but open API metrics. All of those, I think, would probably deserve one or even more sessions would need to focus and see how that goes. I thought about reactive database connections. So using the reactive drives, and get going. Kafka Streams so we have Gunnar who can address that.

Max: Are you going through all the extensions we have or?

Emmanuel: No, I actually have a smaller list. I am half-way through…​ Do you want me to stop and then we ask for a plan to…​

Max: Nono: One thing I just want to add was to, you said Hibernate and Panache, one thing, it’s very dear to my heart is to show users that we actually, in Hibernate, and by conscripts also Quarkus, has a very nice API to just access pure, raw data, sometimes you don’t need these accesses but just, "Hey I have some data in this database, just give it to me in a map or dto…​ And not have to manage that.

So that’s the one that I want to cover and the other one is Kubernetes/OpenShift deployment. You know Kubernetes is very fragmented. There is OpenShift that kinda unifies all the things. But how do you do local development vs remote development?

What are we doing in Quarkus?

Emmanuel: Luic actually showed up.

He said, Hey, you all…​ Everybody which is cool, 'cause Luic, you got put on a hook for one of the topics, so you can discuss mongodb with Panache and maybe discuss what do you wanna know about on the…​ what does it feel to be a contributor to Quarkus and how the journey happens? So these are a subjects we could go on. Another one is funky, which is a brand new function as a service framework, so you can write in Quarkus functions and those functions can use the classical @inject, and whatever you want from CDI and the other components you’re using including Panache cetera.

Maybe something around tooling definitely would get a big plus like the VSCode, IntelliJ, Eclipse and hopefully we could get some people from JetBrains to actually join up and do a demo of the IDEA Ultimate plugin for Quarkus. That would be kind of cool.

The last one I had was because it’s a very simple API to get. Sorry, UI to get started with your app. There is quite a few hidden gems that I think Andy would really love to explain to other people.

So we could definitely do that. Georgio asks: "How to write an extension?". So that one I would be kind of scared to get started on, but if you wanna be the interviewee on that say Maybe yes cute things.

Max: __ And Antonio is asking about a roadmap which I also think is weaning one equally so that we have a few contain a chat sometime tune on Sue.

Some of those we act could just…​ Hey, take off an hour somewhere talk, get it too involved, and just kind of talk through and hear what’s going on. So yeah, it’ll be good.

Emmanuel: Yes, 894. if it’s like radio, from the 90s, Hey, big 894 is I now you say Reactive rugged with Mutiny that’s good one. Somebody mentioned whether you could use Axion and Reactor with Quarkus. So, under the hood, we use Vert.x and we use Mutiny for the reactive library. So, reactors is an alternative library, you can use Reactor, especially if you have a driver that is using Reactor you woould that would create two, event loops and so on, potentially, but otherwise it’s doable, but the one we really push for is the Mutiny and the alignment on top of Vert.x to get a smaller of a usage as possible. But it’s definitely a set of conversation we can have with Clement on a given…​ Do we call that show? You know, a specific show, for that.

Yeah, alright, okay so we got good input from you guys, so thank you, you, you too on your a lot, but it…​ What else do you wanna discuss Max you did I forget stuff?

Max: Did we talk about StackOverflow ? I can’t remember.

Emmanuel: Oh btw, the one I want is probably an open Q&A session, just like we’re having right now a tiny bit, but like a dedicated Q&A session. That would definitely be good, but let’s get some subjects going on before we do this Q&A, and we could do the Q and A regularly. Like maybe every, I don’t know, every month, every month and a half, something like that. We, we definitely…​

Max: And I think the StackFlow is just 'cause I don’t know' that we actually…​ We go to get help, and on an issue he says question you point to stackoverflow of…​ Just to have us a question at the eyes.

And I was kinda looking there, and we have some that are unanswered, but we also have…​ So, at answering and the __ But you could actually give a bit more color to them, and say, "Hey why is it that this property see, does that thing where maybe just to…​ As things go on take the highest vote-up that hasn’t been answered the last week or two.

And then see if we can answer and maybe we can’t but someone else can, so to…​ So that’s a thing, it’s the reason why I’m doing this one is you tell people about Quarkus to a real…​

Emmanuel: You’ll go fine and you wanna talk to people even future right?

Max: Yes, that’s a…​

I kind of in a…​ But no, I really wanna see we’ve had this fun part. I wanna see the channel is people actually have which you can see some other cycles but you can get people in here or in the chat to participate. Then life will be a lot more fun. I had Claus Ibsen from Camel work through the whole Quarkus __ stuff.

Which part of like, "This is awesome? And the other part was like, "Man you need to be just better". And then I was hoping we get something similar.

Emmanuel: Yeah, Antonio sais: "Why not having a 5 minute Q&A at the end of each session?" You can ask question before and only answer those questions. So I think if it’s on the subject, let’s say Panache, then we would definitely get the questions live and not wait for the last five minutes, if it’s general questions around Quarkus. That’s an interesting question, interesting idea. We need to figure out, because we need the expert. It’s not like we’re just figure heads here, we don’t know shit, so we need the real people to get stuff going.

Yeah, so we figure out how we can bring them in live in an easy way or it requires a bit of thinking but we can try, you’ll think, to…​ And I’M totally surprised, but we burned already 18 minutes absolute.

I know the thing I think I wanna just say something…​

Yeah, the other stuff is on Stack Overflow, that’s something we want to put more focus on we might not have spent enough time on StackOverflow recently, so we’ve generally asked the community to try and put more of our effort in Stackoverflow. So, keep adding the question there, we do that. So one question from Asim.

So question: is it possible to expose a Reactive API and blocking API together and is a Quarkus Couchbase extensions in available? So the first one is yes, we usually try and have the blocking and the non-blocking API and try to have them somewhat similar when it makes sense for data, for example, it doesn’t necessarily make sense, but we’ll definitely try. Couchbase, we haven’t seen an extension being offered or even thought of but we can definitely add that. So you can go to. Aha…​ Let me use this new magic stuff, a magic stuff. There we go, where is my, so if you go to, then you should know how to type properly then you don’t end up in Google. Then you can go to Quarkus and then open an issue.

And one of the issues is like open an extension request, and then you can ask for Couchbase one and people vote up and maybe somebody is interested, and then we can go for it and get it there. So if you look for I think label, there is a label extension. Yeah, extension proposal. You see here all of the extensions proposal that I’ve been required or as for it doesn’t mean that we’ll be done, but if somebody from anywhere wants to give it a try. We tried as much as we can to help you to get started.

Okay, so last thing is…​ Go subscribe to actually…​ Let me go back to my Chrome here that you got to You will land on a brand new, actually not a brand new, you already have quite a few set of videos. Some of them will be the Quarkus inception or the Quarkus inside sorry, others will be Q-Tips which are like five-minute videos about a given subject. So they are also quite interesting as well. And then there is other ones you can go on the playlist, but what’s important? Go to and click the subscribe button and you will be notified of when we wanna do something will probably publish everywhere we can to Twitter on the Zulip and somewhere here, if we figure out to properly set up YouTube live.

Alright, so anything else Max?

Max: There is a question, the one from Floraine _ saying that he loves Stack and go the _.

Yeah, I don’t know anyone.

Emmanuel: Kafka and Reactive Streams in what sense?

Like using the Reactive APIs or using Kafka Streams?

Max: I think he just want to have two apps bound over Kafka.

Emmanuel: Okay, so I do the way you…​ there is…​ Let me try and find it out. But in Quarkus there is a Quarkus. What was it, Workshop?

Max: Share your screen.

Emmanuel: Oh yes, sorry I, I…​

Max: So I can see all the mistakes you makee.

Emmanuel: Thanks…​ That’s why I need a buddy. So there’s a workshop somewhere. Do you remember where we could have to in that workshop there was a one. The one that actually Antonio helped us doing?

He did a lot of it, Clement did a lot of it, and I did a little of it but this workshop has quite a few PCs together, and it’s very likely there is a Kafka to Kafka conversation. We need to find it out actually.

Let me search that quickly for you. So the URL you want to go for is and you got it going.

It is very comprehensive. It can take up to six hours of playing. So, yeah, you will definitely find the examples you’re looking for.

Max: So we got a few more questions. __.

Yeah, well there’s those. A good question here at fireplace, the "petone missing of the name. Whereas for place to post questions puzzle about proposals. sillin. [= __.

So, I mean, I guess he means for this? Quarkus Insights? and so…​ So I don’t know if we should have a issue type on GitHub for a this. But yeah, that’s the question. Either GitHub or Stackoverflow. Yeah, yeah, we have to think about it.

Emmanuel: If you have questions, like you got a usage question, it’s probably StackOverflow. We really want to build up the Stackoverflow universe. So the next person having the same question will just go and fill that up. If you have a possible bug, you’ve got two options: Open an issue on, let me share again this for you, So you go to And then open an issue there.

So, right? open an issue and just ask, then we’ll try and be as reactive as possible if you feel it’s a bit complex. And you want a bit of a…​ It’s kind of a semi-question, semi-bug…​ Then you can use Quarkus Dev. It’s a Google group, so you can to find all of that go to It’s in the…​ Yeah, it’s there. And here you see documentation StackOverflow, live chat, the mailing-list is where a lot of its Hangouts and it’s kind of a permanent way than just the live chat so that’s probably where you wanna go.

Good, okay. A quick remark on the road map. We do have the rodemap in progress in while it’s the project number five. And I’m in the process of like filtering that out and putting the right priorities and so on. But I’ve been really busy on some other stuff for Quarkus. Don’t be too scared. So I took that as a background out. It doesn’t mean all the stuff on not being done, like there is GRPC actively worked on and the Hibernate Panache RX __ stuff and so on and so on. So don’t be too scared about that.

Max: __.

Emmanuel: Oh sorry, is there any plan to release more features for the testing cycle? Like we set the database after each test, it’s actually there is an open issue. Search it up, because that is something I proposed.

and then nobody really followed up but it definitely just, it looks like an interesting idea. We just need more man power. So you could even give it a try or at least vote up so we can have more feeling into what is important for people.

Max: Okay, I can see people that are asking broader questions, so maybe it’s time to wrap up because we don’t have allocated time to do more…​

Emmanuel: Yes, to do to…​

Max: So maybe I’ll wrap up and say first thanks everyone, who actually joined in. Sorry for those we haven’t answered, we will go through them and see…​ We can…​ What we can do and we’ll try like a…​

Emmanuel: And we should do that way more often anyway, so it would be a recurring thing…​

Thanks everyone. Remember Quarkus Insights is the name of whatever that thing is, and go to to subscribe and if you want more content, go to and that’s it. Thanks very much for being there and we’ll do that more often will try to queue up the various episodes.

Good bye everyone, but it…​ Now I need to find out how to stop it. Or there is the finish button.