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Posts by Emmanuel Bernard

Posts by Emmanuel Bernard

Open Source software engineer: Hibernate team, Quarkus co-founder and more. Chief Architect on Data at Red Hat.


Understand when and how to use the Quarkus IO thread and its influence on microbenchmarks.

For Quarkus 1.1.0.Final, we had to take the hard decision to go back to GraalVM 19.2 while our CR1 used 19.3. Here is why.

Announcing Quarkus 1.0

Today marks a real milestone for the Quarkus community and the Java community at large. Quarkus 1.0 Candidate Release 1 is out and it will shortly be followed by a 1.0 Final version.

Hibernate ORM lets you generate or update the database schema. Let's explore when to use such option in combination with live coding.

Quarkus has received awesome community feedback. Many many thanks for your warm encouragements, your contributions, your proposals and above all your enthusiasm. This has gone beyond our wildest expectations. Let’s keep rocking! Join us on our Google group or Zulip chat. Oh by the way, quite a few people ask us whether Quarkus was Open Source? Of course, all is on GitHub under the ASL 2.0 license.