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Quarkus Newsletter #3

The third Quarkus Newsletter is here to give you some reading material for the last weeks left of good old 2019.

This time around we got the very first book on Quarkus!

Give it a go and if you feel something is missing or have an article coming out for future Quarkus Newsletter install the bookmarklet on your laptop and phone to easily submit a story. If you prefer the manual way please open an issue with a short description and a url


私たちが見逃している素晴らしい記事やブログ、ビデオを見つけたら、 issueとして登録してください

Article & Blogs

How to Implement a Quarkus Extension

Baeldung shows how to implement a Quarkus extension using Liquibase as an example
Author: Baeldung
Posted: 2. December 2019

The Black Swan of Java

Max outlines his view on how Quarkus is a black swan in the world of Java and how it affected him and his work
Author: Max Rydahl Andersen
Posted: 1. December 2019
From: Personal / Red Hat

私たちが見逃している素晴らしい記事やブログ、ビデオを見つけたら、 issueとして登録してください


Hands-On Cloud-Native Applications with Java and Quarkus: Build high performance Java microservices on Kubernetes

Francesco is the first to publish a book on Quarkus and how to use it for cloud native applications.
Author: Francesco Marchioni
Posted: 13. December 2019
From: Packt / Red Hat

私たちが見逃している素晴らしい記事やブログ、ビデオを見つけたら、 issueとして登録してください


JBoss Community Asylum: Podcast #47 - What do you call a Camel with 3 humps ?

Discussion with Claus and Luca on what is new in Camel 3 and touches upon their Quarkus support.
Author: Claus Ibsen, Luca Burgazolli, Emmanuel Bernard and Max Rydahl Andersen
Posted: 16. December 2019
From: JBoss Asylum / Red Hat

Airhacks #64 - Quarkus 1.0 and SpringBoot

Quarkus 1.0 release, motivation for SpringBoot to Quarkus migration and the Spring API compatibility layer - conversation with: Dimitris Andreadis
Author: Dimitris Andreadis/Adam Bien
Posted: 4. December 2019
From: Red Hat / Adam Bien

私たちが見逃している素晴らしい記事やブログ、ビデオを見つけたら、 issueとして登録してください


Quarkus, die schnellste Java Microservices Runtime für die Cloud?

Thomas shows that Quarkus, GraalVM and Docker are a great platform for developing and running fast and lightweight Microservices
Author: predic8
Posted: 21. November 2019
From: predic8