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Quarkus Newsletter #21 - June

The June newsletter has some great new Quarkus articles. Learn how Banco do Brazil used Quarkus to create a new system to integrate with other financial institutions that participate in the Brazilian Open Banking environment. Get technical on how to configure Podman for Quarkus Dev Services and Testcontainers on Linux in an article by Michal Jurč. Gary A. Stafford teaches about Developing, testing, building, and deploying Native Quarkus-based Java microservices to Kubernetes on AWS, using GitOps. Daniel Oh has shares some great tips in "Build a Quarkus reactive application using Kubernetes Secrets". F. Marchioni wrote a great tutorial on "Creating Quarkus applications using IntelliJ IDEA". Roudranil Roy discusses his pursuit of developer KNative joy in his "Quarkus & KNative— An Attempt" article.

また、最新のQuarkus Insightsエピソード、トップツイート、Quarkusが参加する今後のイベントも載っています。

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