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Quarkus Newsletter #12

9月のニュースレターが発行されました!今月は、Eric Deandrea氏の新刊「Quarkus for Spring Developers」、RESTEasy reactive、「Quarkus Security OPENID Connect Multi Tenacy」の利用についての素晴らしい記事をご覧ください。

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Article & Blogs

Quarkus Live Coding and Continous Testing with Lambda

Last week I merged Quarkus Live Coding and Continuous Testing support for Lambda and it will be available in Quarkus 2.3. I’m excited to see how its received by the Quarkus community.
Author: Bill Burke
Posted: 8. September 2021

Game telemetry with Kafka Streams and Quarkus, Part 2 | Red Hat Developer

The first half of this article introduced Shipwars, a browser-based video game that’s similar to the classic Battleship tabletop game, but with a server-side AI opponent. We set up a development environment to analyze real-time gaming data and I explained some of the ways you might use game data analysis and telemetry data to improve a product. In this second half, we'll run the analytics and use the captured data to replay games.
Author: Evan Shortiss
Posted: 31. August 2021
From: Red Hat

Why should I choose Quarkus over Spring for my microservices? | Red Hat Developer

Quarkus for Spring Developers introduces Quarkus to Java developers with a special eye to helping those familiar with Spring’s concepts, constructs, and conventions learn Quarkus quickly.
Author: Eric Deandrea
Posted: 31. August 2021
From: Red Hat

GraphQL APIs with Quarkus - DEV Community

In this article, I'll show you Quarkus GraphQL support. As an example, I use the Superheroes application from my previous articles. We will discuss some GraphQL topics.
Author: Claudio Altamura
Posted: 30. August 2021

Quarkus - RESTEasy Reactive - To block or not to block

This blog post will look at a few changes we made in RESTEasy reactive to make the transition smooth and transparent.
Author: Clement Escoffier
Posted: 25. August 2021
From: Red Hat

Quarkus for Spring Developers | Red Hat Developer

Quarkus for Spring Developers introduces Quarkus to Java developers, with a special eye to helping those familiar with Spring’s conventions make a quick and easy transition.
Author: Eric Deandrea
Posted: 23. August 2021
From: Red Hat

Use of “Quarkus Security OpenID Connect Multi Tenancy” in an own small example – Thomas Suedbroecker's Blog

That blog post is about the usage of the “Quarkus Security OpenID Connect Multi Tenancy” implementation in an own small example, how to extract a tenant and reconfigure OIDC configuration for Keycloak.
Author: Thomas Suedbroecker
Posted: 20. August 2021

Java Microservice using Quarkus. What is Quarkus?

Quarkus is a full-stack, Kubernetes-native Java framework made for Java Virtual Machines and native compilation. It optimizes Java specifically for containers and enables it to become an effective platform for serverless, cloud, and Kubernetes.
Author: Girish Sampath
Posted: 18. August 2021

A Java developer's guide to Quarkus |

A new eBook demonstrates how developers can keep using the Java framework to build new serverless functions.
Author: Daniel Oh
Posted: 12. August 2021
From: Red Hat

私たちが見逃しているクールな記事、ブログ、ビデオをご存知でしたら、ぜひ ご投稿ください。


Deploying Quarkus applications to Azure

In this live-coding session, we deploy a Quarkus application to Azure App Service, both using the JVM mode and the native mode (with GraalVM).
Author: Java on Azure
Posted: 13. September 2021

Quarkus #5: Monitoramento com Prometheus e Grafana

Monitor all requests from your microservices with just 3 simple notes and visualize it in a grafana dashboard as you see fit.
Author: Vinicius Ferraz
Posted: 13. September 2021

Introduction to Panache

In this video, I will give you a first introduction to Panache and the 2 patterns it helps you implement. And we will dive deeper into each pattern in future videos of this series.
Author: Thorben Janssen
Posted: 2. September 2021

Understand Quarkus Apps in a Graphical Way

nderstand Quarkus Apps in a Graphical Way
Author: Daniel Oh
Posted: 1. September 2021

Quarkus Insights #61: Do's and Don'ts of Microservice design

Special Guests Erin Schnabel @ebullientworks, Rick Osowski @rosowski, and Chris Richardson @crichardson discuss the Do's and Don'ts of Microservice design
Posted: 30. August 2021
From: Red Hat

Make Quarkus Serverless from Devfiles to OpenShift

How to create serverless functions from devfiles for OpenShift.
Author: Daniel Oh
Posted: 24. August 2021

Quarkus Insights #60: Quarkus 2: The Rise of Platforms

Alexey Loubyansky stops by to discuss the latest changes to the Quarkus platform.
Author: Quarkusio
Posted: 23. August 2021
From: Red Hat

How to use MapStruct to merge 2 Java beans

How to use MapStruct to merge 2 Java beans
Author: Giuseppe Scaramuzzino
Posted: 21. August 2021

Quarkus & Hibernate – Getting Started Guide

The Quarkus project enables you to develop Kubernetes-native applications based on Java and a huge list of well-established, Java-based frameworks. Hibernate is, of course, one of these frameworks.
Author: Thorben Janssen
Posted: 19. August 2021

Quarkus and GitHub Tips

Hi friends! Today I bring two valuable tips to work with Quarkus and GitHub. Don't miss them and accelerate your way to work.
Author: 16 BITS TECH
Posted: 16. August 2021