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Quarkus 3.3.1 released - Maintenance release

We released Quarkus 3.3.1, our first maintenance release for our 3.3 release train.


We are aware of a startup performance/memory regression introduced in 3.3 and are working hard on fixing it. This issue is not solved in 3.3.1 but should be solved in the upcoming 3.3.2 that will be released next week.


To update to Quarkus 3.3.1, we recommend updating to the latest version of the Quarkus CLI and run:

quarkus update

To migrate from 3.2, please refer to our migration guide.

If you are not already using 3.x, please refer to the 3.0 announcement for all the details. You can also refer to this blog post for additional details. Once you upgraded to 3.0, also have a look at the 3.1 and 3.2 migration guides.