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Quarkus 3.2.3.Final released - Maintenance release

August is upon us but we are still steadily publishing new Quarkus releases. Today, we released Quarkus 3.2.3.Final, the third maintenance release of our 3.2 release train.

It should be a safe upgrade for anyone already using 3.2.

Note that this version upgrades Hibernate Search to 6.2 as we wanted to offer full support for Elasticsearch 8 in Quarkus 3.2. If you are using Hibernate Search, have another look at the dedicated section of the 3.2 migration guide.

If you are not already using 3.2, please refer to the Quarkus 3.2 migration guide.

And if you are not already using 3.0, please refer to the Quarkus 3.0 announcement and in particular the section about the upgrade path to 3.0 together with the 3.1 migration guide and Quarkus 3.2 migration guide.