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Quarkus 3.0.0.Alpha6 released

A week after Alpha5, we are releasing Quarkus 3.0.0.Alpha6. While Alpha5 came with major changes such as the upgrade to Hibernate ORM 6, Alpha6 is a smaller release packed with bugfixes, enhancements, and improvements to our upgrade process.


Among all the bugfixes and enhancements, two are worth mentioning in particular:

  • Enabling OpenTelemetry for JDBC is now as simple as setting quarkus.datasource.jdbc.telemetry to true

  • CredentialsProviders are now supported for MongoDB connections

The upgrade progress (presented below) was also improved and it will now:

  • Upgrade your Quarkiverse extensions to versions supporting Quarkus 3 (when they are available)

  • Replace more deprecated classes and annotations

  • Replace some deprecated configuration properties with the new ones

If you encounter issues with this version or the upgrade, please open issues in our tracker!

Quarkus 3を試してみる

今のところ、最も簡単な方法は、 を使用するか、Quarkus CLIを使用することです:

quarkus create app --stream=3.0

Mind you that at this stage, while all the core extensions are available, only parts of the Quarkus platform is present. Not all extensions have yet migrated to Jakarta packages (e.g. Camel Quarkus or Kogito are not yet available).

Quarkus 3へのアップグレード


There is a one-liner that attempts to do it automatically using a JBang script.


jbang --fresh upgrade-to-quarkus3@quarkusio


curl -Ls | bash -s - --fresh upgrade-to-quarkus3@quarkusio


iex "& { $(iwr } --fresh upgrade-to-quarkus3@quarkusio"

これを実行すると、プロジェクトの依存関係、ソースコード、ドキュメントがQuarkus 3を使用するように更新されます。

もしうまくいかない場合は、私たちが何か見落としているか、Quarkus 3をサポートしていないエクステンションを使用している可能性があります。

いずれの場合も、移行スクリプトを一緒に改善するため、 お知らせ ください。