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Quarkus 3.0.0.Alpha3 released - Third iteration of our Jakarta EE 10 stream

As you might know by now, we started a Quarkus 3.0 effort last year and we are continuing this effort, which was described here, here, here, and here.

Quarkus 3.0.0.Alpha3 is the third iteration of this work.

On the Jakarta EE 10 front, it doesn’t bring anything new, except for a few bugfixes and upgrades.

But it comes with some significant changes:

We plan to release the next Alpha in about a month. Until then, we encourage you to test it and report your feedback.

Quarkus 3を試してみる

今のところ、最も簡単な方法は、 を使用するか、Quarkus CLIを使用することです:

quarkus create app --stream=3.0

Mind you that at this stage, while all the core extensions are available, only parts of the Quarkus platform is present. Not all extensions have yet migrated to Jakarta packages (e.g. Camel Quarkus or Kogito are not yet available).

Quarkus 3へのアップグレード

For existing applications where all extensions are available, we have an early OpenRewrite recipe that you can try.

There is a one-liner that attempts to do it automatically using a JBang script:

For Linux:

curl -Ls | bash -s - --fresh upgrade-to-quarkus3@quarkusio

For Windows:

iex "& { $(iwr } --fresh upgrade-to-quarkus3@quarkusio"

Using the JBang script also migrates the documentation (in Markdown on AsciiDoc).

It is the preferred method as the one presented below will only migrate the source code.

You can also do it manually by downloading the OpenRewrite recipe and apply it manually with the following Maven command:

curl -o quarkus3.yml
mvn org.openrewrite.maven:rewrite-maven-plugin:4.39.0:run \
   -Drewrite.configLocation=quarkus3.yml \

For multi-module projects, it is recommended to specify an absolute path in the -Drewrite.configLocation parameter so that the submodules can find the migration descriptor.

Once this has been run your project should have its dependencies and source code updated to use Quarkus 3.

もしうまくいかない場合は、私たちが何か見落としているか、Quarkus 3をサポートしていないエクステンションを使用している可能性があります。

Let us know in either case so we can together improve the migration script.