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Quarkus 2.13.4.Final released - Maintenance release

Today, we released Quarkus 2.13.4.Final with a new round of bugfixes and documentation improvements.

It is a recommended upgrade for anyone already using 2.13.

If you are not already using 2.13, please refer to our migration guide.

GraalVM/Mandrel upgrade

We don’t usually upgrade GraalVM/Mandrel in a micro release but GraalVM/Mandrel 22.3 is a LTS release and we decided to move to it early, rather than wait for Quarkus 2.15.

We don’t think it will cause problems for applications but you might have to adjust your extensions if you make use of GraalVM substitutions. Make sure to have a look at our migration guide if it is the case.

Also, GraalVM/Mandrel 22.2 is now the minimal version to use to build native executables.